Childcare Benefit

Teachers at KAS KIDS Pre-Kindy are registered child care providers.  This allows enrolled families to claim Child Care Benefit (CCB).

What is Child Care Benefit?

Child Care Benefit is a payment to help families with the cost of child care.  You can claim Child Care Benefit for registered child care.

How much is the payment?

You can receive the registered care rate for a maximum of 50 hours of care per child per week.

2014 - 2015 financial year 
Hourly rate for a non-school child$0.684
Maximum rate of CCB for 50 hours of care
per week for each child

Who is eligible for Child Care Benefit?

To be eligible for Child Care Benefit:

  • you must meet the Australian residence requirements and be living in Australia (or have an exemption)
  • your child must meet the immunization requirements (or have an exemption)
  • your child must attend either approved or registered care and you are liable for the child care fees
  • you and your partner must meet the work, training and study test

How do I apply for payment?

If you are eligible to receive Child Care Benefit, please contact KAS office staff to arrange weekly fee receipts.

If you use registered care only, you can claim your Child Care Benefit by:

  • taking your KAS KIDS Pre-Kindy receipts to the Family Assistance Office and completing the Claim for Child Care Benefit for registered care form (FAO18)
  • claiming within 12 months of the care being provided and paid for.  You will need to provide receipts for all periods you are claiming.

Your Child Care Benefit will be paid into your bank or credit union account after you submit a claim.

KAS KIDS Pre-Kindy cannot receive Child Care Benefit on your behalf.

If you use a combination of approved care and registered care, you need to claim Child Care Benefit separately for each type of care.

For more information on how to claim Child Care Benefit, visit: or

or call the Family Assistance Office on 136150