Mission & Vision

Our Mission 

Our mission is simple:  We aim to provide a Christ-centred, supportive environment in which students can realise their potential and experience an abundant life for service to God and to the community.

Our Vision

Nurture for today

...providing a safe, caring and intimate learning environment that values each individual.

Learning for tomorrow

...supporting and promoting excellence in academic achievement.

Character for eternity

...focusing on values and character development; providing a value-based curriculum and a caring behavioural management program.

Kempsey Adventist School (KAS) is passionate about Christianity.  Christian education is more than simply teaching Biblical Studies in the classroom.  It is the constant modelling, teaching and reinforcing of the Christian lifestyle that effectively shapes lives.  We recognise each student is a unique creation of a loving God, with strengths and weaknesses, gifts and talents.  We aim to identify these characteristics and nurture individual growth in the context of a loving and caring Christian community.  We support and encourage the needs of our students, regardless of religious or cultural background.

KAS is more than a school.  It is a close-knit community, founded on the principles of nurture, learning and service.