Parents' and Principals' Committee

The objectives of the Kempsey Adventist School (KAS) Parents' and Principals' Committee are:

  • to create an environment where parents feel comfortable and part of the school community
  • to build relationships between parents and teachers
  • to build relationships between parents and parents
  • to unite the school in their endeavours to provide quality Christian education
  • to support and educate parents 

The Parents' and Principals' Committee serves to strengthen relationships between home and school by promoting activities such as:

  • encouraging and facilitating frequent communication between home and school
  • providing opportunity for fundraising activities to support special projects
  • organising social events and parent information evenings
  • assisting in providing the school with additional equipment to enhance students’ learning experiences
  • assisting the school with the organisation and running of special events
  • fostering understanding, appreciation and co-operation between teachers and parents
  • providing suggestions to the School Council for improvements

The Parents' and Principals' Committee is comprised of parents, teachers and friends of the school.  We are always pleased to welcome new parents to the P and P and we encourage them to bring along their ideas and enthusiasm.

You are invited to be a part of your Parents' and Principals' Committee by attending the next committee meeting.  Please contact the school office to enquire about the time and date of the next meeting.