Deanshaw, Mr Rohan MA (Sociology). Bachelor of Education Principal
Baywood, Mrs Vanessa Bachelor of Education Deputy Principal (Primary)
Lesic, Mrs Leanne Bachelor of Education Deputy Principal (Secondary)
Rajasingham, Mr Rum Bachelor of Commerce Business Manager


Afele, Mr David Bachelor of Education Dean of Learning (Senior School)
Bell, Mrs Kirsty Dean of Learning (English)
Gibson, Ms Angie Dean of Learning (Religion)
Hodgekiss, Mrs Katie Bachelor of Education Middle Primary Dean
Mainey, Mrs Kastle Upper Primary Dean
Metcalfe, Mrs Melissa Master of Teaching Dean of Learning (Standards & Assessment)
Minett, Mr John Dean of Learning (Program Support)
Phelps, Mrs Melanie Dean of Learning (Junior School)
Ritchie, Mrs Leanne Dean of Learning (Humanities)
Sleeman, Mrs Nicole Lower Primary Dean
Walsh, Mrs Joyanne Dean (Student Wellbeing)

Primary Teaching Staff

NameQualificationsSubject areas
Afoa, Mrs Rebecca Bachelor of Education (Primary) Primary Teacher
Bennett, Mrs Rachel MA(Education) Bachelor of Education Learning Enrichment
Boyle, Ms Brooklyn Primary Teacher
Cooper, Mrs Kylie Pre-Kindy
Fowler, Mrs Susan Kindergarten Teacher
Garlick, Ms Melissa Bachelor of Education Primary Teacher
Hegerty, Mrs Lizzy Primary Teacher
Hill, Mrs Lauren Primary Teacher
Jefferys, Mrs Haley Primary Teacher
MacGillivray, Mrs Andrea Bachelor of Education Primary Teacher
Mainey, Mrs Kastle BA Business; Graduate Diploma Education Primary Teacher
McManus, Mrs Rachael Teacher Aide (Pre-Kindy)
McNabb, Mrs Maneesha Primary Teacher
Packington, Mrs Vanessa Teacher Aide
Parlevliet, Mrs Rachel Teacher Aide
Rajasingham, Mrs Janelle Pre-Kindy Teacher
Reynolds, Miss Beth Bachelor of Education Primary Teacher
Simmons, Mr Paul Bachelor of Education Primary PDHPE Teacher
Sleeman, Mrs Nicole Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood & Primary) Primary Teacher
Sutherland, Mrs Connie Teacher Aide
Thompson, Ms Bek Kindergarten Teacher
Thurlow, Ms Cheree Primary Teacher
Wilson, Mrs Michelle Teacher Aide

Secondary Teaching Staff

Baker, Ms Carli Secondary Teacher
Baronian, Mr Barrie Bachelor of Education Secondary Teacher
Baronian, Mrs Debbie Teacher Aide
Baum, Mr Rod Secondary Teacher
Castro, Ms Maddie Secondary Teacher
Davidson, Ms Anna Secondary Teacher
de Ville, Andre Secondary Teacher
Ford, Mr Aaron Secondary Teacher
Green, Mr Cameron Bachelor of Science, Hons; HDE Secondary Teacher
Green, Mrs Vanessa BA Human Ecology (Education) Secondary Teacher
Hall, Mrs Adelina Secondary Teacher
Kilgour, Mr Tieren Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Teaching (Mathematics) Technology Innovation Teacher
Kingston, Mr Jotham Secondary Teacher
Lesic, Mr Joey Bachelor of Education Secondary Teacher
Mackenzie, Ms Ali Secondary Teacher
Mainey, Mr Luke Bachelor of Education Sports Coordinator Teacher
Marsters, Mrs Dawn Bachelor of Education; Bachelor of Business Secondary Teacher
Parkinson, Mrs Courtney Secondary Teacher
Pead, Mrs Donna Teacher Aide
Polkinghorne, Mrs Victoria Teacher Aide

Student Services

Boston, Pr John Pastor
Duncan, Pr Stephen Pastor
Harding, Mrs Katrina Associate Diploma (Applied Science) Student Services Officer
Hodge, Miss Ruth Counsellor
Jackson, Mr Kieren Bachelor of Education Chaplain
Jackson, Mrs Shonel Counsellor
Milicevic, Mrs Jessica Student Wellbeing Worker
Pullen, Mrs Rachael Chaplain
Pullen, Mr Will Community Wellbeing Worker
Thompson, Pr Marty Pastor
Walsh, Mr Chris Community Wellbeing Worker
Watanabe, Pr Jimmy Senior Chaplain
Wright, Mr Leo Student Wellbeing Worker

Support Staff

Ball, Mrs Shelly Accounts Officer
Butler, Mr Tom Campus Maintenance - Apprentice
Chappell, Mr Joseph IT Assistant
Deanshaw, Mrs Leanne Bachelor of Education Marketing & Events Manager
Hardy, Mrs Vanessa M.Ed. Teacher Librarianship, B. Ed Teacher Librarian
Hodgekiss, Mr Marshall BSc Hons (Computer Science) IT Manager
Kyle, Mrs Roxanne Canteen
McManus, Adrian Campus and WHS Manager
Milicevic, Mrs Kim School Receptionist
Pead, Mrs Donna Canteen
Prescott, Mr Eli Campus Maintenance - Apprentice
Secomb, Mrs Alyssa Executive Assistant
Sutton, Ms Joanne Science Lab Technician
Wilson, Mr Shane Cleaning


Parlevliet, Mrs Rachel OOSH Coordinator