What is Pre-Kindy?KAS KIDS logo

Pre-Kindy is a school readiness program for children who will attend school the following year.  To be eligible to attend KAS KIDS, children need to have turned 4yrs old by March 31st in the year they attend. 

Our Pre-Kindy classes provide a curriculum-based program for three and four year olds. 

KASKIDS Pre-Kindy operates a program based on the NSW Board of Studies syllabus.  Children are exposed to the Early Stage One outcomes that they will be expected to master in Kindergarten through play-based, hands-on and integrated activities.  Our program is also strongly influenced by the new national Early Years Learning Framework - 'Belonging, Being & Becoming'.

The program is designed to bridge the gap between a child’s prior-school experience (e.g. pre-school, long-day care, family day care, at home with parent or carer) and the more formal educational experience of school.  It provides a gentle introduction to formal learning experiences by utilizing best practice of early childhood education, such as learning through play and real life experiences.

The flexibility of the KAS KIDS program allows families to choose attendance up to five days per fortnight.