KAS KIDS Program

 KAS KIDS are introduced to the daily routine of school life through an innovative Pre-Kindy program.  Children benefit from a fun-loving, stimulating learning environment where caring Christian teachers prepare them to confidently enter Kindergarten the following year.  KAS KIDS are encouraged to create and explore, discover the excitement of books and experience the joys of music, sport and friendship.

The unique education focus at KAS KIDS Pre-Kindy integrates best practice from early years teaching with the careful and gradual introduction of more formal schooling.  Each day, activities are focused around the development of skills that prepare KAS KIDS for their formal education.   These skills are fostered through age-appropriate learning tasks that involve play-based, active, and real life experiences. 

The caring environment at KAS KIDS Pre-Kindy encourages kindness, curiosity, confidence, laughter, and a love of learning. 

Familiarity with the school surrounds, teachers and classmates puts KAS KIDS ahead of the rest when it comes to staring Kindergarten.  KAS KIDS can enrol for up to five days per fortnight.

Skill Development

Social and emotional

Routines, following instructions, taking turns, negotiating, sharing, listening, concentration, respect, caring for belongings...


Word recognition, simple word writing, tracing scripts, phonic awareness, narratives, poetry, letter-sound relationship, simple computer techniques...


Exploring numbers and patterns, time, money and size concepts, 2D shapes...

Fine and Gross Motor

Controlled cutting, threading, play-dough manipulation, locomotion, balance, coordination, ball control...

Exploring our World

Personal development, sport, music, art, excursions, science, technology...


A sample timetable for a KAS KIDS child:

8.55amArrive and sign in 
9am - 10amOutside play
Focusing on gross motor skill development
Includes sand and water play, bat and ball play, dramatic play, climbing and swinging, art and craft 
10am - 10.20amRoll call, prayer, worship, Bible
Whole class and small group activities focusing on the development of faith and values
Includes Bible stories, prayer time, art and craft
10.20am - 10.40amNumeracy activities
Whole class and small group activities focusing on number, measurement, space, patterns and problem solving
10.40am - 11amMusic and Movement or Physcial Development activities
Whole class and small group activities focusing on music and gross motor development
Includes music appreciation, moving to music games, locomotion, ball skills, balance and coordination
11am - 11.18amPre-writing actvities
Small group activities focusing on developing fine motor skills  
Includes manipulation of play-dough, threading, cutting, pencil control in pattern making and name writing
11.18am - 11.58am Lunch and outside play 
11.58am - 1pm Developmental play
A combination of teacher and child initiated small group activities.
Includes dramatic play, art and craft, cooperative games, construction, thematic exploration, and literacy and numeracy development
1pm - 1.24pmLiteracy actvities
Whole class and small group activities focusing on language development and pre-reading skills 
1.24pm - 1.44pmRecess and outside play 
1.44pm - 2.15pmTheme or library activities
Whole class and small group activities exploring the world around us 
2.15pm - 3pm Rest time 
3pm - 3.10pmStory time and prayer 
3.10pm Pick-up