Academic Excellence

Academic excellence in the Primary School is encouraged through supportive teaching methods and a structured academic program which includes all Years 1-6 students participating in compulsory ACER standardised assessments at the commencement of each year.  Students from Years 2-6 are also given the opportunity to participate inthe International Competitions for Schools (ICAS)  assessments each year which include Digital Technologies, English, Maths, Science, Writing and Spelling assessments.

Core Literacy skills are developed through the use of the LEXIA reading program which is in turn supported in Year 6 through our schools extensive electronic library facility.  This electronic library allows our Year 6-HSC students to access almost 100,000 full text resources 24 hours a day from any internet connect via a student username and password.


Students in the Primary School at Kempsey Adventist School (KAS) study the following subject areas:

  • Growing in Faith (Religious Studies)
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Human Society and Environments
  • Science and Technology
  • Creative Arts
  • Music
  • Sport