Our Pre-Kindy is a learning community where children are inspired, nurtured and supported by passionate educators to reach their full potential.

To be eligible to attend Pre-Kindy, children need to turn 4yrs old by March 31st in the year they attend and can enrol for up to three days each week.

Brighter Learning Future

Discover the benefits of attending Pre-Kindy

Pre-Kindy aims to further support our young learners by providing them with transitional activities with our primary school.

Our highly effective school readiness program for children who will attend Kindergarten the following year, creates a sense of comfort and belonging, aiding our young people with a smooth transition into primary school.

Familiarity with the school surrounds, teachers and classmates puts your child ahead of the rest when it comes to staring Kindergarten. Children can enrol for up to three days each week.

Supporting Creative Development

Our approach to early childhood education

We acknowledge that each child is a creation of God, a unique and valued individual, who brings with them a diverse life experience, passion, knowledge and abilities. Through experimentation, exploration and experiences our young learners develop a love for creativity and expression.

Early Childhood Education

Building a strong foundation for lifelong learning

Children are introduced to the daily routine of school life through an innovative Pre-Kindy program. Children benefit from a fun-loving, stimulating learning environment where caring Christian teachers prepare them to confidently enter Kindergarten the following year. Children are encouraged to create and explore, discover the excitement of books and experience the joys of music, sport and friendship.

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Social and emotional

The social and emotional development of the students is nurtured by the educators in Pre-Kindy. This is done through daily interactions, as well as play based activities and Early Stage One curriculum. These activities, including circle time, present opportunities to learn respectful social cues for both sharing and listening to others. The students follow a routine at Pre-Kindy which ensures consistency and predictability to their day. Additionally, the roster of educators at Pre-Kindy is consistent with minimal change, which enables strong relationships to be formed with the students. The educators provide opportunities throughout the day for the students to work in both groups and individually. These experiences accommodate the students’ development of important social skills such as taking turns, negotiating and sharing.


The language and literacy of students in Pre-Kindy is strengthened on a daily basis through both play and the Early Stage One curriculum. The educators have been specifically trained in EYLF – Early Years Learning Framework. This program promotes a combination of speech and language pathology that focuses on early childhood education. The students are provided with daily activities and experiences to support their writing, phonics, oral language, vocabulary development and phonemic awareness knowledge. The pre-literacy skills (phonological awareness and early alphabet knowledge) of the students is assessed twice through the year using SPAT-SE which is an Australian phonological awareness test. The test focuses on the skills which should be fully in place by the time children are exposed to formal literacy instruction.


Mathematical principles are explored daily through play, activities and formal instruction. The students explore concepts throughout the year which include numbers, colours, patterns, 2D shapes, time, measurement, pictorial graphs, volume, money and simple addition and subtraction. The students’ knowledge of certain mathematical skills are closely observed throughout the year. This enables their educators to best prepare them for the following year of formal education by tailoring certain learning concepts to them and their needs.

Fine and Gross Motor

The fine motor skills of students are strengthened through a range of activities in Pre-Kindy. These include using playdough, controlled cutting and pasting, drawing, painting, threading, puzzles and more. Gross motor activities to practise and strengthen body movement and control are also embedded throughout the day in Pre-Kindy, through both activities and play in the outdoor environment and a daily indoors music and movement session.

Exploring our World

The Pre-Kindy curriculum provides opportunity and resources for young learners to explore and interact with the amazing world around them. These areas include Science, Sport, Creative Arts, Geography, History, Technology and Health. These areas are embedded through play and learning throughout the day in Pre-Kindy, as well as in a session of focused learning.

KAS KIDS Pre-Kindy fees are $25 per day (2023).

Several payment options are available:

• Option A: Fees are paid up-front for the year

• Option B: Fees are paid up-front for the term

• Option C: You may arrange weekly, fortnightly, or monthly direct debit payments

It is important that you notify the KAS office of the payment option you intend to use.

Transitioning to Primary School

Academic excellence in promoted in the primary school through our progressive educational programs which recognise the unique and diverse needs of all of our students.

Transitioning to Primary School

Academic excellence in promoted in the primary school through our progressive educational programs which recognise the unique and diverse needs of all of our students.